Class Descriptions

Women's Boot Camp

Instructors: Haley Ray, CPT NASM

Ashtanga Yoga

Instructor: Katie Kanak

This class is designed for beginners and those who are already practicing yoga.  The style is based off Ashtanga, which focuses on a set sequence of postures, breathing technique, and alignment.  The postures will be modified to accommodate all levels of practitioners.  This class will also give an introduction to vinyasa, which is a technique that connects each posture with breath.  Ashtanga is great for building a foundation and understanding that of which is used consistently in every style of yoga.

The only thing better than the fellowship during this class is the workout! Circuit strength training at its best combined with cardio, agility, and plyometrics - a little bit of everything, this class truly is a FULL-BODY WORKOUT. Focusing on short term, weekly goals and long term results, this class runs in 6 week cycles and requires payment*. Class times are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:00am - 7:00am. 


*$150 for non-gym members; $100 for members.

Email Haley to pre-register and save your place. Class is limited to 18 participants only.


Next 6 Week Session Started 4/14! (will pro-rate; email for price)


Barre Above Total Conditioning

Instructor: Sara McCauley, CPT NASM

Eclectic Yoga

Instructor: Nancy Johnston

An assortment of yoga moves including yoga fit, hatha and ashtanga yoga with some power yoga thrown in - anybody can do it! Starting with a warm-up, this class will move through strength moves, balance, and isometric contraction and stretching. It can help to strengthen and release muscles around key joints, improve the circulation of the lymphatic system and unite mind and body with breath.  With consistent practice it can be a significant aid in mastering one's body weight and can improve posture and carriage.

My philosophy of yoga is that we do yoga, like many kinds of exercise, to deepen the enjoyment of our life. - Nancy

Barre Above Total Conditioning class is comprised of applied functional exercises that create core strength, improve flexibility and posture for ALL levels of students! You'll learn efficient and effective movements that are easy are on your joints, lower back and hip flexors, by lengthening tight muscle groups. Combined with segments of strength, cardio and core, this class will have you leaving with your muscles quivering without feeling pain days later. Beneficial for those who are forced to sit for hours through the day and great cross training for runners.

Full Body Blast

Instructor: Sara McCauley, CPT NASM


Instructors: Kristen Phelps, 
                     Staci Patton

A mix of circuit training, strength training and cardio utilizing weights, cables, body weight and more to elevate the heart rate and burn maximum calories in minimum time. Sara's background as a certified running coach and NASM training makes this class a must if you're looking for an effecient, effective, full body workout. 

PILOXING© is an exciting fitness program that blends the best of Pilates, Boxing, and Dance into a high-energy interval workout. Using the most current science, PILOXING© incorporates formats such as interval and barefoot training to burn maximum calories (450-1000 / hr) and increase stamina.'s a blast!

Power Sculpt

Instructor: Beth Sperling



Instructor: Kristen Phelps, CPT NASM

Join Beth in this fun and energetic group class that gives you the best of both worlds! Burn those calories with calisthenic-style cardio! Sculpt and tone those muscles using weights, bands and stability balls! It’s the type of work-out you will feel tomorrow!


Feeling a little stiff? Maybe those long hours on the job have led to tight muscles and sore joints; maybe you just need a change of pace from your usual workout routine. Join us for this class: you're sure to feel a difference!


Tabata Thursday

Self-Lead Class

Tush & Tummy

Instructor: Kristen Phelps, CPT NASM

Founded by a Japanese scientist, Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training that offers more of a benefit than regular cardiovascular exercise and does so in a shorter amount of time. Workouts will be designed by Body Language trainers for you to complete on your own. Want a challenging yet efficient workout? Consider adding this to your weekly routine!

Having a strong and solid core is THE most foundational principle in proper physical fitness. Second most (perhaps)...? Strong and responsive glutes (that's your booty)! Let's take 30 minutes to work both of these areas together!  All fitness levels are welcome!


Instructor: Cassie Steele

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Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

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